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It’s all about knowing where your mobile asset is right now…… or where they had been.

EyeVMS is an integrated IVMS, AVL and FMS solution

More popularly called IVMS or In Vehicle Monitoring System. The IVMS standard has been set across many domains in the region making it mandatory across many businesses.

EyeVMS is a policy that makes any organization benefit with the following:

  • Enhanced Safety
  • Greater Productivity
  • Optimized Planning
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reduced misuse
  • Eliminates time lapses
  • Checks costs on fuel and maintenance
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Summary of Features & Functionality

  • In Vehicle Monitoring Solution
  • Automatic Vehicle Location
  • Fleet Management system
  • Online Tracking
  • History Tracking
  • Get Latest Position
  • Online Data Window
  • Mapping features
  • Recording speed of the vehicle and instances of over speeding
  • Real time communication of alerts
  • Analyze vehicle performance
  • Vehicle Management and Logistic Planning
  • Geo-Fencing capabilities to warn when vehicle reaches specific areas
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Tally has been specially created to meet the needs of small and medium businesses around the world. With Tally, your business will profit from the extra edge delivered by leveraging on the legendary Power of Simplicity.

Tally is a Complete Financial and Inventory System

With Tally, businesses will benefit from amazing versatility and flexibility to ensure simplified growth, enhanced productivity and reduced costs.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates internal and external management information of an entire organization, encompassing all the aspects of business like finance, sales and service, customer relationship management, human resource, manufacturing etc.

Infinity integrated ERP applications facilitate the automation of your organization’s processes, support the information flow between all your business functions and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.

Our endeavour is to help your organization gain greater visibility in all areas of business, from daily operations to a strategic decision level by making our ERP Solutions work for you.

A high-level view of key business areas facilitates quicker and more accurate management decisions. Insight into production, inventory and financial data makes it easy to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements.

The highlight is the customization of the modules according to your individual business, to ensure the solution is well fit for your organization. The overview of the modules is as follows:

  • HR and Payroll
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Budgeting
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Costing
  • Funds Flow
  • Multi Division Consolidation
  • Assets
  • Inventory Control
  • Business Intelligence
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UBMS Connect

UBMS Connect is a complete and modular system for managing the Utility Bills such as Water, Electricity, Sewerage, Mobile and Telephone. It is the most convenient way of managing such bills with a complete workflow which can be customized to meet any type of organizational requirement. UBMS Connect is a web based application built on Oracle database and can connect with any legacy system – HRMS, Financials, Property Management etc. It is a system which can reduce the entire cycle of the bills processing to less than 10% of the existing time taken to manage such data.

  • In Vehicle Monitoring Solution
  • To save time required to load the bill information into any system.
  • To reduce paper consumption by receiving bills in soft format instead of hard copy.
  • To check the bills provided by the utility companies are accurate.
  • To automate the approval of the utility bills for payment.
  • To automate the invoice information to the finance system for payment.
  1. Elimination of manual entry of bills. Greatly reduce the number of man hours spent on data input
  2. Automate the checking of the bills. Elimination of preliminary checks such as tariff calculation on the bills, matching with the Current meter reading of the previous bill with the previous meter reading of the current bill, etc.
  3. The system will define if there are any bills missing from the billing companies.
  4. The system will define whether any building, which is taken on rent, is in the tenancy contract or not.
  5. The system will define the total bills rejected, and to be followed up with the billing companies.
  6. The application is made simple for the users with just the usage of mouse.
  7. Every user will have their TO DO list which will define how many bills need to be approved, how many bills need to be rectified and followed up with the billing companies.
  8. The workflow and processes will mark the users with their date and time stamp of approvals for audit purposes.
  9. Speed up the entire process from receiving a bill to paying it. Processing of bills will be much faster.
  10. The users can view the history bills for any account number at the click of a button.
  11. The users will know the status of the bills whether paid or unpaid.
  12. Summary reports on the amounts to be paid with respect to each billing company.
  13. Reduction of claims and frauds
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Time & Attendance system

It is a complete suite of time and attendance solution to serve business with any number of employees. Supports Multi location and can bring the information from all locations in real time. The system can be integrated to any payroll system.

The T&A software is built on the most advanced development platforms

Reports Generated

  • Daily reports
  • Detail reports
  • Weekly reports
  • Monthly details
  • Summary reports
  • Exception reports
  • Leave reports
  • Over time reports
  • Time and attendance
  • Access Control
  • Comprehensive system which can be incorporated with any payroll package
  • Current IN /OUT status of the employee
  • Connect to different kinds of readers such as finger print, face recognition, finger geometry, RFID, etc.
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Infoway ERP

Infoway ERP has come a long way with over 100+ implementations across the Middle East. The technology of this ERP is what makes it different and effective compared to others. Also, this ERP connects to popular databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL.

Our Think-Tank specialists created a unique solution that stores ‘business logic’ in the form of ‘process structure’ similar to ‘data structures’ inside the database which is completely unique unlike other conventional methods.

This unique approach minimizes the time and effort to build any enterprise application and made the job easier to manage in change management.

We uses the technology platforms on which realtime enterprise applications like SCM, CRM, ERP etc can be built without writing additional software applications.

The application is defined as process structures that are stored in the database. The process structures are read and rendered by the Run time engines in the platforms.

The requirements are initially laid down as process structures by the Domain Expert and later defined as Developer applications. These applications will store the structures in the databases.

At any stage of the development or deployment phase , no software code is generated by the developer or the Run time engine.

Quick Development - 70% faster than using programming languages, the delivery time is quick

Change Management – Changes are done to the process structures and not in software code, hence quick changes can be done

Service Oriented Architecture – Run time engine is deployed as a service, hence easily accessible to supporting services

Easy Maintenance - The size of application is small and depends only on the performance of the database, only database maintenance is required for performance

Quick Technology Adoption – Upgrades and changes can be done without overhauling the existing data or applications

Multi-Location Connectivity – Smart clients to synchronize database across geographical locations

Remote Login – Connectivity to the database from any remote location

Browser Client – The application can be accessed through the web engine, using a client browser

Lean Architecture - Faster, stable and reliable

Better ROI – Cost effective solution due to lower development time for development upgrades and changes

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Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is a Cloud based Software for Construction and for the other challenging industries and sectors related. The system provides a simple but outstandingly well-defined construction collaboration platform which aids in the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, operations and standards.

The system securely manages all construction project documents, information and processes through a streamlined workflow and in one central platform.

The system works in three core foundations:
  • SOLUTION (Software)

The system is tailored to fit the requirements and pain points of the most challenging industries of today such as Civil Construction, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Power Generation and the like.

The systems expertise and edge lie upon the Modules and Features which are defined and suited according to the requirements of such challenging industries. The system comprises of 12 Modules which includes: Documents, Mails, Drawings, Digital Logs, Meeting Module, Directory, Live Dashboards, Customized Reports, Smart Camera, Site Photos, Transmittals, RFI’s and Workflows. All are intelligently designed to be functionally integrated to bring along different organization users into one central platform on a Construction Project.

Along with the said, as every project is dynamic, the system gives flexibility and the value for your money and investment by our UNLIMITED ACCESS PRICING which includes:
The use of Electronic Document Management System benefits in different ways and forms.
  • Cost and Financial Impact Benefits
    • Printing Costs
    • Distribution and Courier Costs
    • No Hardware and Backups as this is centrally managed and maintained by INAXUS.
  • Resource and Manpower
    • Increase in Productivity
    • Reduction of Staff and Resources
    • Timely Completion of Project Deliverables
  • Communication and Information
    • Avoid Disputes
    • Lessen Revisions
    • Easy Search, Monitoring, Tracking
    • Secure Information and Document Storage
    • Custom Workflow Templates to manage all approval process
  • Organization and User Wise Benefits
    • Client
    • Consultant
    • Main Contractor
    • Sub-Contractor
    • Design Team

In summary, Organizations can save up to 4% – 8% of Construction Project Costs which can be interpreted to amount to roughly 80MILLION based on a 1BILLION worth project.**

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